Yoga Cones Incense (0.170)
Yoga Cones Incense (0.170)

Yoga Cones Incense (0.170)

Product Details
  • Item Code:0.170
  • Genre:Incense
  • Size:80 X 35 X 85 mm
  • Weight:155 grams
Yoga Cones Incense
Lighting these cone incense during yoga sessions helps you create the right atmosphere for your mind and body. While performing such natural activity, you would always want to avoid anything artificial and toxic and create an serene atmosphere that helps your focus. The fragrance of this spiritually uplifting incense is combined to bring peace, harmony, joy, and relaxation.The given weight of the notebook is calculated for the shipping purpose, so that the actual weight can be different than it is mentioned here.
  • 100% Hand made in Nepal
  • Free from any toxic and addictive defects
  • 100% Natural
  • 25 cones + beautiful Incense Holder
  • Burning Time: 45 minutes (approx.)