The Practical Water Cure
The Practical Water Cure

The Practical Water Cure

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Did you know that:

  • Water is a splendid appetizer
  • Cold Water reduces excessive heart action
  • Water encourages kidneys to dispose of the waste matter more efficiently
  • Water acts as a tonic when taken internally and externally

He uses of water for curing diseases and maintenance of good health has been known and practiced for a long time. This book specifically deals with methods of water cure as used in Indi and other Eastern countries and is based primarily on Hatha Yoga as practiced by the yogis, Written in simple, lucid language, the book steers clear of any strange verbiage and jargon.

The author tells us about the astonishing value of water as an appetizer, a healing agent and as bathing medium. He also tells us how to pranaize water to make it more invigorating.

This excellent guidebook discusses the health benefits of water, dispels the myth about it and clarifies the spiritual principles as well as treatment of a wide range of complaints.