Yoga in Daily Life
Yoga in Daily Life

Yoga in Daily Life

Product Details
  • ISBN 13:9788122200492
  • Author:Dr. K.S. Joshi
  • Publisher:Orient Paperbacks
  • Genre:Yoga
  • Language: English
  • Publish Year:2015
  • Edition:Reprinted Edition
  • Cover:Paperback
  • Pages:208
  • Size:120 x 20 x 190 mm
  • Weight:230 grams
  • Remarks:Appendix.

Every person must be self trained in maintaining their body in perfectly sound health, by keeping it physically active, mentally at peace and protected from environmental influences. This book comes forth as an ideal guide in this respect, presenting methodically illustrated details of Yogic practice, proper nutrition, and meditation etc.

It is in clear and simple language. The book, completely true to the authentic tradition of classical yoga, is designed to meet the needs of our modern times. It is a holistic system of health, encompassing the science of the body, mind and soul.