The Practice Of Tibetan Meditation
The Practice Of Tibetan Meditation

The Practice Of Tibetan Meditation

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A practical and comprehensive step-by-step handbook to Tibetan meditation from a world-renowned Tibetan Lama.

• Contains more than 30 meditation exercises and accompanying mantras for both the beginner and the more advanced practitioner.

• Includes a 60-minute CD of mantras to accompany each meditation.

• Incorporates Tibetan breath work, massage techniques, and physical exercises.

For centuries, Tibetan Lamas have transmitted spiritual knowledge through the teachings of mind-training meditation, although many of these teachings remain relatively unknown in the West.

Dagsay Tulku Rinpoche now shares these rare jewels of Tibetan wisdom in an easy and accessible manner, leading the Western reader toward the path of true happiness. Dagsay Tulku's teachings range from introductory sessions designed to create an oasis of calmness in daily life to deep practices for cleansing and healing. He also offers traditional meditations to prepare for death, the ultimate transition. True to the rich sensory nature of Tibetan Buddhism, these meditations are enhanced with instructions for relaxing massage and an accompanying 60-minute CD of mantras.