Yoga and Stress Management
Yoga and Stress Management

Yoga and Stress Management

The Art of Gracious Living
Product Details
  • ISBN 13:9788172341459
  • Author:Yatendra Pal
  • Publisher:Prakash Books
  • Genre:Yoga
  • Language: English
  • Publish Year:2007
  • Edition:First Edition
  • Cover:Paperback
  • Pages:103
  • Size:140 x 10 x 220 mm
  • Weight:280 grams

This book is meant to offer the right philosophy of life. It teaches about the 'Art of Gracious Living' to become stress-resistant and to manage excessive stress of life and also to get rid of it effectively. This book is aimed at combining both the theory of modern psychology and yoga philosophy in order to understand and cope with stress effectively. Readers will find this book an indispensable guide to eradicate stress out of their lives.