Land Lineage and State
Land Lineage and State

Land Lineage and State

A Study of Newar Society in Mediaeval Nepal
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  • ISBN 13:9789937597272
  • Author:Prayag Raj Sharma
  • Publisher:Himal Books
  • Genre:Anthropology
  • Language: English
  • Publish Year:2015
  • Edition:First
  • Cover:Paperback
  • Pages:230
  • Size:150 x 15 x 215 mm
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  • Remarks:Appendix, Bibliography and Index.

This study of mediaeval Nepal (Kathmandu Valley) attempts to show how over a period of 600 years the interplay of land, lineage and state strongly shaped Newar society, including some of its key institutions such as kinship, guthi, religion and caste as well as their settlement patterns. With a focus on the mediaeval era and using both historical and anthropological methods, the author discusses the gradual development of the Newari language and culture from the Licchavi era until the 1980s. He examines continuities and changes in different aspects of their society such as their rites and festivals, the interlinkages between land and lineage, the dynamics unleashed by Hinduism and Buddhism vying for supremacy, and the interface between state and society. Land, Lineage and State will be an important addition to the understanding of the Newar, who gave rise to arguably the most complex of Himalayan societies of the mediaeval period.