What condition are your books and other products in?

Pilgrims offers hundreds of new books and products from Indian and Nepali publishers as well suppliers. All of these products are fully and accurately described (number of pages, types of illustrations, weight, etc.). They are sold in the same new condition as we receive them from publishers/ suppliers. We also sell antiquarian books. These are rare, secondhand or out-of-print books which are often quite old. On occasion, these older books (especially those which are over 100 years old) are more worn. However, we professionally describe all antiquarian books we sell, that you know exactly what is the physical condition of the books we are offering.

How do I place an order?

When you have found a book or other item you like, it is easy and safe to buy it.

You can choose to order by our secure online ordering system or to send your order to us by email: pilgrims1985@gmail.com

Wholesale Orders:

Contact us on pilgrims1985@gmail.com

Online Orders:

Click on the link “ADD TO SHOPPING CART” under the item you wish to buy and it will be added to the website shopping cart. (You be taken to the page CONTINUE SHOPPING where you will see your item listed along with the quantity and price.)

Want to buy another item? Again click on the link “ADD TO SHOPPING CART” under the item and it too will be added to the website shopping cart.

Want to buy more than one copy of any item you have placed in the shopping cart? Simply change the number in the Quantity box and click on the RECALCULATE button to update the shopping cart.

Want to delete an item from your shopping cart? Enter the number “0” in the Quantity box and click on the RECALCULATE button to update the shopping cart.

Click on the CONTINUE SHOPPING button if you would like to buy some more items and you will be taken back to the Pilgrims homepage from where you can click on links taking you to our listings of books and videos.

When you are ready to buy, go to the section under the heading "Calculate shipping for this order" on the CONTINUE SHOPPING page. Select your shipping zone (the part of the world to which you want your order shipped) from the dropdown menu. Then click on the ADD SHIPPING button. You will be asked to select what kind of shipping you want (Surface Mail or Airmail), and then you will be returned to the CONTINUE SHOPPING page.

If you have any special request for Pilgrims, enter this in the special request box on the CONTINUE SHOPPING page.

All finished? Now click on the GO TO PAYMENTS button. This will take you to the Payment Options page. Here you fill in your name, address and email details (plus phone and fax, if applicable) and -- if you are shipping your order to another address -- details of the shipping name and address.

Now click on the CONTINUE button. You will be taken to an another Payment Options page where you will be asked to select which Payment Option you prefer: Credit Card

If you have selected Credit Card, you will be taken to the SSL SECURE PAYMENT page. Enter your credit card details as requested there. Click on the SSL SECURE PAYMENT button and your order will be sent to us by our secure ordering system. You will then be taken to the Order Confirmation page where you will receive your order number. You will receive an email confirming the order in detail (this email may take up to one hour to arrive).

How will my order be sent?

All orders to addresses in Nepal are sent by Surface Mail. For orders sent to address in all other countries, order are sent by Airmail.

All orders are sent by registered mail.

We will send your order within two to three (2-3) working days upon receipt of your payment.

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping on our orders is charged at the same rates we pay to the Nepal Post Office.

Will my order be safely packed?

Yes. Every order is carefully packaged with robust bubble wrap and foam strips and sealed inside a waterproof wrapping. Then it is boxed in a heavyweight card board container and completely encased with the strongest-quality packing tapes. This way the parcel can handle everything that the postal system can do to it. We have received praise from overseas customers on our packing methods

How safe is it to use your online order system?

Definitely yes. We use the very latest secure payments technology to collect your credit card information across the Internet in an encrypted and protected form. This technology - called SSL (or Secure Sockets Layer) - is that used by governments and the largest and most trusted businesses when they want to send information securely across the Internet.

For your further confidence, when you come to the Payment Details page in the Pilgrims online ordering system, you will see the image of a small closed padlock in the lower left hand corner of your browser window. This padlock symbol is the way the major browsers indicate that you are about to send your information safely -- using the SSL encrypted method.

Occasionally you may find our ordering system is down for maintenance. Either just press your browser’s Reload or Refresh command or, if that does not work, come back and try again in a few minutes.

How can I check the status of my order?

When you order online, we email you a confirmation email. You will receive the shipping details once your order is shipped.
But if at any time you want an update on the status of your order, please email us at pilgrims1985@gmail.com

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order providing that your order has not yet been shipped. Just send an email to pilgrims1985@gmail.com giving full details of the ordered products you wish to cancel and quoting the order number.

What can I do if the online ordering system will not work?

Occasionally the online ordering system is down for maintenance. Either just press your browser’s Reload or Refresh command or, if that does not work, come back and try again in a few minutes.

What can I do if my browser crashes?

Sometimes browsers (such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, etc.) crash.

If this happens while you are halfway through making an order using the Pilgrims online ordering system, restart your browser (or, if necessary, your computer), re-enter the Pilgrims website shop and repeat the ordering process.

if this happens just when you have pressed the SSL SECURE PAYMENT button to submit your order, send us an email at pilgrims1985@gmail.com to see whether or not we received your order.

How can I contact you if I need more help?

We hope this Help page has explained the answers to most of your questions. But if you still need help, please email us at: pilgrims1985@gmail.com