Balanced Yoga
Balanced Yoga

Balanced Yoga

The Twelve Week Programme
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  • ISBN 13:9788178223155
  • Author:Svami Purna
  • Publisher:New Age Books
  • Genre:Meditation, Yoga
  • Language: English
  • Publish Year:2012
  • Edition:Reprinted Edition
  • Cover:Paperback
  • Pages:142
  • Size:150 x 10 x 220 mm
  • Weight:240 grams

Yoga is practised in many different ways, each of which, however, has the same aim-the harmony and integration of the practitioner's whole being. As the body is often considered to be the best starting-point, this practical guide concentrates on Hatha yoga, the yoga of physical exercise. Balanced yoga, as its title suggests, embraces a wide range of disciplines.

Divided into a twelve week programme, each of the lessons revolves around a guiding through or principle which is manifested by related exercises or postures. Breathing and relaxation techniques, dietary advice, and aids to concentration and meditation are also included. Designed as a safe and practical guide for men and women, Balanced Yoga provides a simple but complete system of physical, mental and emotional maintenance.