The Story of the Buddha
The Story of the Buddha

The Story of the Buddha

Product Details
  • ISBN 13:9788177697087
  • Author:E.B. Cowell
  • Publisher:Pilgrims Publishing
  • Genre:Buddhism
  • Language: English
  • Publish Year:2008
  • Edition:First Edition
  • Pages:81
  • Size:121 X 9 X 171 mm
  • Weight:164 grams
  • Remarks:B&W Photographs.

The Story of the Buddha By E.B. Noble 

Written in simple language, this book for school gives a delightful rendition of the life of Gautama Siddhartha the Buddha. It has a clear message about the Buddhist faith and it also touches on matters between eastern and western cultures. The book contains pleasant pictures to highlight the more important aspects of the Buddhas life. For eager-to-learn young students, this famous story from history, some two and half thousand years ago, comes to life.