The Jewel in the Lotus
The Jewel in the Lotus

The Jewel in the Lotus

Product Details
  • ISBN 13:9780861710485
  • Author:Stephen Batchelor
  • Publisher:Wisdom Publication
  • Genre:Buddhism
  • Language: English
  • Publish Year:1987
  • Cover:Paperback
  • Pages:280
  • Size:135 x 15 x 215 mm
  • Weight:365 grams
  • Remarks:Glossary and Suggestions for Further Reading

Biography Stephen Batchelor is a former monk in the Tibetan and Zen traditions. He has translated Shantideva's A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life and is the author of Alone with Others, The Faith to Doubt, The Tibet Guide, The Awakening of the West, Buddhism without Beliefs, and Verses from the Center. He is a contributing editor of Tricycle magazine, a guiding teacher at Gaia House Retreat Centre, and cofounder of Sharpham College for Buddhist Studies and Contemporary Inquiry in Devon, England. He lives in southwest France and lectures and conducts meditation retreats worldwide.