Sacred Hindu Symbols
Sacred Hindu Symbols

Sacred Hindu Symbols

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  • ISBN 10:8170173973
  • Author:Gautam Chatterjee
  • Publisher:Abhinav Publications
  • Genre:Mythology
  • Language: English
  • Publish Year:2001
  • Edition:Reprinted Edition
  • Cover:Hardback
  • Pages:118
  • Size:150 x 15 x 225 mm
  • Weight:440 grams
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Hinduism is not merely a religion but a way of life. Hinduism, in its traverse of four thousand years, has accumulated many a belief and practice, which encompass the whole socio - religio - cultural life of a devout. Since the mythological past, Hinduism is studded with varied signs and symptoms, which are mystic in character and symbolic in nature and are also sacred symbols of spiritualism as well.

These symbols are the sacred rivers, mystic mantras like 'OM' and Gayatri, the auspicious symbol of Swastika, the Shivalinga, Salagram Shila or sacred stone objects, Tripundra Tilaks or Urdhapundra Tilaks - the process of besmearing the body with different marks of sandal pastes, the sacred conch or Sankha and venerated trees which have medicinal value and spiritual ethos like Tulsi, Vata, Rudraksha, etc. All these are part of modern Hinduism but to many devouts and observers these symbols stand enigmatic!

Thus this book attempts to explore and unearth the hidden philosophy of these signs and gauge the socio - scientific base and tries to find out the real meaning of ritualistic methodologies of these symbols, which are the great objects of veneration of the Hindus down the ages.