Planning for People

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The years of transition from Rana Nepal to today's democratic Nepal have been marked by a strong development effort. As a result, "planning" and "development" are two of the most frequently used words in Nepal today. For many years planning and development were seen as exclusive work of economists, whose tools were econometrics and economic models. In the last few years it has been widely recognized that planning and development involve much more than economics, and it was felt that we in Nepal should consider our development and planning efforts from a point of view other than that of economics. This present work, Planning for People, by Dr. Stiller and Dr. Yadav is an attempt to review Nepal's planned development effort from an historical point of view. We at the Research Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies hope that the questions raised in this volume and the general overview they provide of events during the first twenty-five years of Nepal's development effort will encourage a more meaningful discussion of development planning in Nepal
- Dor Bahadur Bista