Nepal Constituent Assembly Impasse

Comments on a Failed Process
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Nepal Constituent Assembly Impasse: Comments on a Failed Process By Bipin Adhikari

Nepal Constituent Assembly lmpasse. Comments on a Failed Process is a meticulous endeavor of Dr Bipin Adhikari to analyze the rigors of the constitution-making process that Nepal faces, the political undercurrents, and the ultimate demise of the Assembly. This book is also about finding legitimate measures to deal with the constitutional crisis that Nepal has been living with following unplanned exit of the constitution-making organ.
- Dr. Surya Dhungel

It is indeed a scholarly reference book, that sheds light on the creation and demise
of the Constituent Assembly as well as thoughts on the way forward. I am confident
that anyone reading this book will find it very enlightening. 
- Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe