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Vignettes of Ideas and Issues From Personal Vantage
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Impressions And Expressions :Vignettes of Ideas and Issues From Personal Vantage By Subas KC

My Dream for Nepal is: Beautiful Nepal, and Dutiful Nepali (coexisting at the same time!!!). Nepal in itself or by itself cannot be beautiful, Nepali must make it. If Nepali become dutiful, Nepal will be beautiful. Undeniably, we face a leadership crisis across society in the shape of the diminution of leadership or its absence altogether in many casës. Lesser leaders with constipated - vision, self-centric values, misunderstanding of roles, punctured moral grounds, and unprofessional practices rule the roost. We have suffered lesser leadership. Largeness is the identity and character of those who lead, but this is in short supply in our case. Hence, making : larger leaders should be our aspiration and action. Sadly, -what we are witnessing is the powerlessness of knowledge and the knowledgelessness of 'power' in our society. Thinking and sharing thoughts are two core processes that * give deeper meaning to life as a higher existential experience, elevating us from sub-existence. At this difficult existential juncture of our life - both individually and collectively - such life-enhancing processes are even more critical to fighting for keeping life from sinking below conscious existence, a way to refuse to under-exist. Most of us choose not to create courses - and even not to correct the wrong courses - being happy with complying with the courses already set. It is particularly painful to see the youth falling into this cultural trap. My hope is. our youth will invest themselves more in creating courses . for themselves. Courses are for creation.