Everest the Challenge
Everest the Challenge

Everest the Challenge

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An Everest expedition will fulfill the main purpose of this book, which is to attract the attention of the world to the Himalayas. And the attention of man needs to be drawn thither, for in those mountains untold wealth is to be found."

"Magnificent scenery there must be, if only the Nepalese would tell us of it, and at least bring photographs to give us some faint inkling; for...there are in Nepal three known summits over
27,000 ft., seven over 26,000 ft. and fourteen over 25,000 ft. Nepal must be a paradise of great peaks..."

"But no-one whoever has the chance of going to the Himalayas should miss it. For he will find there something different from what he can get anywhere else in the world, something both more expanding and elevating. He will be a better man for the experience."

Not only Everest, and man's struggle to reach the summit, is described in this wonderfully thought-provoking book. It also tells of man's dreams and desires, motivations and aspirations.
"And the attempt to reach the summit of the highest mountain in the world may be taken as symbolic of this striving in the heart of all living things to do something more than adapt themselves to their surroundings: to stand superior to them. Man...is striving... to rise in spirit... reaching upward to a higher level of being."