What is Buddhism ?
What is Buddhism ?

What is Buddhism ?

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What is Buddhism?

"Aiming to curb the tongue...aiming to benefit the world"

  • Profound thoughts put into perspective
  • It is an attempt to explain the inexplicable, rocking the very foundations of what we have come to accept as the truth
  • A book to encourage reflection and inner soul searching
  • A peek into the windows of your mind to find the real you and exploit the benefits of your newly found knowledge

The Buddha and his teachings are nothing new and there is little more that can be added to the vast gamut of literature that is already available. It is for this very purpose that a book like this becomes so important, imparting information to those who wish to know but have little time or inclination to read through reams of very dry, and sometimes obscure and complex literature.

This book provides the reader with a very concise and lucid explanation of the mystery that is Buddhism. It is not only informative but also a pleasure to read, dealing with the subject in the form of simple questions and easily understood answers.

"Living in the world, and doing no harm to aught that lives"

"...there is a common consciousness which is our own ground and so in consciousness we are one; insofar as you identify yourself with the consciousness that moves and lives in your body, you've identified with that which you share with me."
Joseph campbell, renowned twentieth century thinker and scholar