Triumph and Trauma of Transition

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Triumph And Trauma Of Transition – Shambhu Ram Simkhada | The Climate Crisis, COVID 19 Afghanistan serious pandemic and represent the most challenges to global academic, and wisdom and action. If all three have one common thread, it is in posing a question to our understanding of “Power” and what makes us “Powerful”, concepts so central in all human affairs, not just politics, economics, diplomacy (International Relations) but even individual human behavior, as we relate to who we see as “other”, human beings, species and creations of God or Mother Nature. Based acquired knowledge defined by my personal life experience further refined by the innate unique human quality of “Gyana”, Trauma political, diplomatic-security economic and security externally uo Triumph Transition is my commentary pund the erroneous uo understanding, acquisition and use of Power and its consequent outcome of Transition Mismanagement in Nepal in particular but also the World in general, as the Human Family leaves behind the second and embarks on towards the third decade of what we call the 21st Century and beyond. new journey