Trajectory of Democracy in Nepal

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Trajectory of Democracy in Nepal By Krishna Hachhethu

This book covers political development in Nepal from the inception of a system of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy in 1990 to its demise in 2005. The second experiment with democracy (1990–2005) eventually faced the same fate as the first experiment (1951-1960). But the course of political events in the aftermath of these experiments was very different: the first experiment with democracy was replaced by an authoritarian monarchical regime known as the partyless panchayat system, which lasted for three decades (1960-1990), whereas the second experiment with a system of constitutional monarchy was formally replaced by a republican system in May 2008. Hence the third experiment with democracy began with radically new attributes: republicanism, secularism, federalism, and inclusivity. This book analyses the background to this new democratic experiment. What changes in the preceding period made it possible for Nepal to embark on this radical new beginning?