Plains of Discontent

A Political History of Nepals Tarai (1743-2019)
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Plains of Discontent: A Political History of Nepal's Taral By Maximillian MorchPlains of Discontent is a rare and unique text that delves into the history of the conquered people of Nepal's Tarai, rather than the victors. It offers a refreshing and insightful perspective on the aspirations and history of the Tarai people, often ignored by mainstream media and school textbooks.

Starting with the Gurkhali conquest of the Tarai, the book details the deforestation, resource theft, land seizure, colonisation, disfranchisement, and systematic suppression of the Madhesis, Tharus, and other indigenous people in the region. These factors eventually led to the civil war, the Madhesi and Tharu uprisings and the independence movement.
Mørch has done a remarkable job of uncovering the historical ruins of the land and the shattered aspirations of the people in the Tarai. He has essentially resurrected a forgotten history.