Nepals Road to Federalism

From the Perspective of Grassroots Democracy
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Nepals Road to Federalism From the Perspective of Grassroots Democracy By Damodar Adhikari

This book aims to contribute to Nepal’s nation building process firstly by discussing key issues and challenges that have emerged in the federalism process. Secondly, it offers some key insights and lessons from other countries from which Nepal can learn to adapt a more devolved federal system. Thus, grassroots democracy can be fostered in the future creating a solid foundation for more a democratic, prosperous and resilient society. This is the first research-based book to specifically address the key issues and challenges of federalism in a comparative basis since the introduction of federalization in Nepal. It also intends to contribute to the existing body of knowledge by documenting and offering Nepal’s decentralization experience, federal constitutional provisions, its practice and learning.This book focuses on selected critical issues and challenges that are vital to the success of the federal system of government and which need timely attention to establish a functional federal system. These issues and challenges are prioritized and chosen from a long list that have emerged in the context of the implementation of the cooperative type of federalism in Nepal. The main issues and challenges that are analyzed in this book include: (a) overlap and confusion in functions and responsibilities; (b) service delivery interruptions; (c) intergovernmental relation and cooperation; (d) policy, institutional and legal framework; (e) resource mobilization and financial autonomy; and (f) participatory planning, budgeting and implementation at local level.