Modern Nepal (Political History 1769-1955)
Modern Nepal (Political History 1769-1955)

Modern Nepal (Political History 1769-1955)

Volume I ( 1769-1885), Volume II (1885-1955)
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  • ISBN 13:9788173044038
  • Author:Rishikesh Shaha
  • Publisher:Manohar Publishers
  • Genre:Nepal History
  • Language: English
  • Publish Year:2023
  • Edition:Reprint
  • Cover:Paperback
  • Pages:700
  • Size:140 X 57 X 216 mm
  • Weight:900 grams
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There has been no single balanced and readable work on the history of modern Nepal.

This running account of political trends and developments in Nepal during a period of about two hundred years (1769-1955) from the rise of King Prithvinarayan Shah (1769-1775), the founder of the present Shah dynasty till the end of the post Tribhuvan revolutionary era until 1955, the year in which King Tribhuvan the harbinger of democracy died, seeks to fill this gap, Starting with general introductory background about Nepal, the story takes us through the ascendence of Prithvinarayan Shah, the erstwhile ruler of Gorkha as the King of Nepal, the emergence of Rana Prime Ministers as virtual rulers, their inter family feuds and ends with the 1950-51 revolution and its aftermath.

The author has made use of English and Nepali sources in writing the book. A special feature of the book is the extensive use made by the author of the correspondence between London and British Embassy in Kathmandu preserved in Public Record Office at Kew Gardens, London not examined so far by other historians.

The author who combines academic scholarship with pioneering political leadership has produced an admirable story of the making of modern Nepal - the best single work on the subject which would go a long way towards making modern Nepal better known.