Indo Nepal Relations

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Indo Nepal Relations By Monika Mandal 

India-Nepal Relations are unique for reasons ranging from geographical contiguity to intense cultural bonding. We share extensive institutional and social relationships. Cultural, economic and geographical factors as well as the common bond of a shared religion have had a great influence on bilateral relations. Despite some turbulence, India-Nepal relations have remained close, stable and mutually beneficial. And yet, as two sovereign nations, both India and Nepal are naturally guided by their national interests in cultural, economic and security issues. In this context a comprehensive analysis of the Indo-Nepal relations with their domestic determinants is of immense importance. The objective of this collection of essays is to provide a detailed analysis of the legal complexities that exist between Nepal and India and to analyse the major problems from an international legal perspective. It is hoped that this volume will fill the significant gap that exists in the literature on this subject, which is devoted more to political and economic issues than to legal ones. There is virtually no work which thoroughly examines the major international legal issues relating to Indo-Nepal relations.