Himalayan Naturals Memory Stimulating Pillow

Product Details
  • Item Code:0.363
  • Genre:Pillow
  • Size:140 x 130 mm
  • Weight:155 grams

Memory Stimulating Pillow 
Himalayan herbs to increases memory concentration and creativity. Himalayan herbs to stimulate the brain. Fragnances that can send you back in time evoking long forgotten images and feelings.

Rosemary, bay, Lemon, Levender cinnamon.

How to Use
Tuck your memory stimulating pillow among your bed pillows to inhale scents while sleeping. Knead pillow softly to awaken scents. Your memory stimulating pillow will remain pungent up to 6 months after the packaging is removed depending on climate conditions. Boost with essential oils. If you wish to clean your pillow cover, remove it and gently hand wash in cool water with a mild soap. Washing the herb - filled pillow itself will destroy the properties of herbs.