Heart Essence of the Khandro

Experiential Instructions on Bonpo Dzogchen Thirty Signs and Meanings from Women Lineage Holders
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This Book contains thirty short instructions sum up what each Khandro learnt and then, finally, what she experienced and taught her disciple. The ispiring biography of one of these great ladies, Choza Bonmo, traces her path to achieving full insight into the true Nature of her own Mind, a path which, with the guidance of the teaching translated here, we can all aspire to follow.

This is truly a rare and precious gift for western students. However,as Yongdzin Rinpoche point out: '' Whoever reads or looks into this book must not harbour any negative thoughts about Dzogchen. If you think that Dzogchen is nothing more than emptiness or even empty Nature - it is too simplistic. In fact,- Dzogchen is much more than thai.''